#$&%! Cartoons (Damn! Cartoons)

A Festival Celebrating Political Cartoons

September 14th and 15th 2012

presented by

The Association of American Editorial Cartoonists

in partnership with George Washington University’s School of Media and Public Affairs

Ink-stained Wretches! Animators! Graphic Geniuses! Pinheads! Clowns! Liberals! Conservatives! Caricaturists! Comic Journalists! Newspaper Cartoonists! Donkeys! Elephants! Past Pulitzer Prize Winners! Future Pulitzer Prize Winners!

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Photos from the Festival



Matt Wuerker Cartoonists: The Original Meme Machines

Matt Wuerker

Jen Sorensen Straight Outta Charlotte: Tales from the Democratic National Convention

Jen Sorensen
Daily Kos

Rob Rogers America Needs a New Avatar

Rob Rogers
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

Joel Pett

Joel Pett
Lexington Herald Leader

Jack Ohman Evolution of Style

Jack Ohman
The Oregonian, Portland

Patrick Chappatte Cartoon Journalism Gets Animated

Patrick Chappatte
International Herald Tribune

Lalo Alcaraz Show Me Your Cartoon Papers

Lalo Alcaraz

John Cole The Magic of Ridicule

John Cole
The Times-Tribune, Scranton, Pa.

Clay Bennett Some Offense Intended

Clay Bennett
Chattanooga Times-Free Press

Nate Beeler Art on Deadline

Nate Beeler
Columbus Post-Dispatch

Tom Toles The Five Secrets of Cartooning

Tom Toles
The Washington Post

KAL The Mystery and Mastery of Caricature

The Economist

David Horsey How Cartoons Counter Delusions, Misperceptions and Big, Fat Fibs

David Horsey
Los Angeles Times

Jake Tapper Keynote address

Jake Tapper
ABC News

Gustavo Rodriguez Cartooning para Todos

Gustavo Rodriguez
El Nuevo Herald

Roslyn Mazer 25th Anniversary of Hustler v Falwell

Roslyn Mazer

Pat Bagley A Brief History of Mormons in Cartoons

Pat Bagley
The Salt Lake Tribune

Bro Russel, Drew Rougier-Chapman, Susie Cagle, Zunar CRNI Courage in Cartooning Award

Bro Russel, Drew Rougier-Chapman, Susie Cagle, Zunar

Brian McFadden The Future of Freelance: Brought to you by RomneyCare

Brian McFadden
The New York Times

Bro Russel Ink Bottle Award

Bro Russel

Ben Sargent This Is Not a Pipe

Ben Sargent
Austin Statesman

Ben Wade and Nate Beeler Locher Award

Ben Wade and Nate Beeler


Photos by: Bruce Guthrie, Jape Trostle, and Nik Kowsar